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Travel to Thailand: History of Wat Pradhatudoisutep

by satansatan

History of Wat Pradhatudoisutep
In 1386 His Majesty "Guna" the eighty king of "Meng Ray" dynasty had sent the favorable elephant to find the place to keep the "Holy Relic" that he gain and keep for worship by his own for 13 years. The elephant went randomly and finally reached the top of Doi Sutep. It cried 3 times and walked clockwise (its call "pradaksin", the method to show worship to someone or something) at the same time. After that, it died. The king ordered to dig the ground deep 4 meter and wide 12.5 meter. He placed 6 huge stone in the hole and put "Holy Relic" in there filled with stone and construct pagoda cover that hole. The pagoda's high 2.5 meter.

In 1538 "Pra Muanggasaglou" the twelfth King of "Meny Ray" dynasty had increase the size of the pagoda by build the new one cover the old. The new is high 5.5 meter and wide 12 meter. He also ordered the sculptor made the golden lotus and placed on the top of pagoda.

In 1557, "Pramaha Yanamanggalasobothi" had built the ladder to make easier to access the pagoda.

Not long ago, "Sivijhai" the famous master in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand had built the road to pagoda. The road is long about 11 kilo meters. There, He also establish the temple as know "Wat Pradhatudoisutep" too, from that time, it very easy to access the pagoda and now "Wat Pradhatudoisutep" is one of famous temple in Chiang Mai. Most people who come to Chiang Mai always visit this temple too.

By: satansatan

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